Roof Coating Lansing, MI

The roofers at Great Lakes Commercial Roofing are roof restoration experts. It’s always great to get as many years as possible out of your existing roof. After all, you want to deal with as few wasteful, expensive, and disruptive roof replacements as you can. A roof coating is the best way to extend the life of your roof and prevent leaks from developing. To get a free estimate on a roof coating, call us today at 517-652-9119.

Why Restore?

We can go on and on about the advantages that come with restoring your roof. For one, restoring your roof is significantly cheaper than replacing it. Most commercial roofs are replaced too soon. When you pay a large sum of money to have a roof stripped off that has not yet reached its max potential, you’re throwing money and materials away.

We get it, though. Once a roof starts to leak people don’t want to keep dealing with its constant need for repairs. However, a roof replacement is not the only answer. A roof coating is such an easy thing to install for an experienced company like Great Lakes Commercial Roofing. You won’t need to waste time scheduling frequent roof repairs and you won’t need to pay for a costly roof replacement — it’s the best of both worlds.

About Roof Coatings

A roof coating is an extremely lightweight layer that covers the entirety of your roofs surface. This seamless membrane will restore the condition of a roof that has started to deteriorate with age. The sooner you have the roof coating applied, the better off your roof will be since it will be able to maintain its condition.

Roof coatings are also popular because of the effect that they have on the energy-efficiency of commercial buildings. Since a roof coating is reflective, your roof will deal with the sun much better. This leads to lower energy costs!

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To find out more about how a roof coating works, call Great Lakes Commercial Roofing at 517-652-9119. We’ll come by shortly after to have a look at your roof and determine whether or not a roof coating is the best option. The people of Lansing, MI can rely on us for all types of cost-effective commercial roofing services!