Roof Coating Battle Creek, MI

Great Lakes Commercial Roofing has a number of ways to lengthen the lifespan of your roof. A roof coating is one of the most effective and affordably ways to save big. If you have a building in Battle Creek, MI that could use a restored roof, we’re the team that you want to hire. You can call us at (517)-652-9119 to set up a free onsite roof evaluation.

Regular Roof Inspections

Getting your roof the services it needs at the right time is extremely important. The only way to do this is to have your roof inspected each year, preferably before and after the winter. When the experienced roofers at Great Lakes Commercial Roofing take regular looks at the condition of your roof, we will be able to tell you exactly when a roof coating is the best option.

The Benefits

A roof coating can save you money in a number of ways. For starters, your roof won’t need to be replaced for years longer. Restoring your roof is significantly cheaper than replacing it, not to mention the amount of materials you’ll be saving.

Unfortunately, premature roof replacements are quite common. Great Lakes Commercial Roofing will help your roof reach its maximum potential through high-quality inspections, maintenance, repairs, and restoration. Roof coatings are very thin and lightweight which means they can be applied to a roof multiple times without adding stress. This seamless membrane stops leaks from forming and reinforces your roof.

Protection From The Sun!

Not only will a roof coating prevent your roof from leaking, but it will also protect it from UV damage. A roof coating is made to be extremely reflective to combat the sun. This also means lower energy costs since a reflective roof makes for a more energy-efficient building.

Call Us Today!

Clients in Battle Creek, MI can rely on Great Lakes Commercial Roofing for all types of commercial roofing services. We are well aware of all of the benefits that come with restoring a roof. We can install a roof coating onto your roof to fully restore it. For a free estimate on a roof coating, give our team a call today at (517)-652-9119.