Commercial Roofing Services, Jackson MI

Looking for a commercial roofing company who can take care of ALL your roofing needs, without compromising on the quality, value, or timeline? At Great Lakes Commercial Roofing, we offer the complete range of commercial roofing services at the highest quality and the best prices.

Call us today at (517) 652-9119 to learn more and find out how we can help restore your roof to optimal performance levels!

Preventative Roof Care

When it comes to your commercial roof, the old adage, “The best defense is a good offense,” is especially true. At Great Lakes Commercial Roofing, we know the best investment of time and money is in proactive, preventative roof care. By focusing on keeping your roof healthy, rather than reacting to problems as they come along, you can benefit in many ways:

  • Early Detection – Regular roof maintenance includes frequent inspections, which can help you detect leaks and other problems while they are still small and easy to address. Regular inspections from a professional can also help you identify problems on the horizon and plan for them accordingly.
  • Cost Savings – Proactively maintaining your roof can help limit the amount of damage your roof sustains, saving you money in the long run. Fewer repairs, less service hours = lower costs.

Many building owners rely on their warranty to cover them in the event of a roofing problem, but the truth is most warranties may be voided unless regular maintenance services are performed on the roof. Let Great Lakes assist you in getting the most out of your roof with our preventative roofing services:

  • FREE commercial roof consultations
  • Commercial roofing inspections
  • Commercial roof management plans and contracts

Michigan’s Best Commercial Roof Repairs

Great Lakes Commercial Roofing services all types of commercial roofing systems:

  • Metal
  • Built-up
  • Single-ply (EPDM/rubber, PVC, TPO)
  • Modified bitumen
  • Spray foam
  • And more!

If your commercial or industrial facility has roof issues, give us a call at (517) 652-9119. Our service technicians will respond promptly, quickly and accurately diagnose the problem, and recommend a durable solution. Our repair services include, but are not limited to:

  • General roof repairs
  • Emergency roof repairs
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Roof restoration
  • Roof coatings
  • Cool roof solutions
  • And more!

Commercial Roof Replacement

If you suspect your roof may need to be replaced or if you’ve been told your roof needs to be replaced, call Great Lakes Commercial Roofing. We offer free, no-hassle, no-obligation consultations and will give you an honest recommendation on whether or not roof replacement is your best option. Likewise, we are happy to provide a second opinion on a roof replacement diagnosis at no cost to you.

If a thorough inspection reveals that your roof does, indeed, need replacing, you can trust Great Lakes to do the best job. We offer roof re-covers, when possible, along with complete roof tear-off and replacement. Call us today at (517) 652-9119 to learn more about our commercial roofing services available in the Jackson, MI area.